WAKODO [POWDERED] Rice porridge starter pack

WAKODO [POWDERED] Rice porridge starter pack

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Delicious rice porridge steamed from rice. You can make soft and puffed up rice porridge by just adding hot water.


rice flour (Japan), oligosaccharide, vegetable oil / sodium citrate, citric acid, antioxidant (vitamin E).

【NET WEIGHT】 2.5g×7



<Start of weaning> Dissolve 1/2sachet in 30ml of hot water.
<Around 7-8 months old> Dissolve 1sachet in 45ml of hot water.
<Around 9-11 months old> Dissolve 2sachets in 60ml of hot water.
※Amount of 1tablespoon : about 15ml
Please check eating temperature for baby before feeding.