GINBIS Asparagus biscuits (chocolate)

GINBIS Asparagus biscuits (chocolate)

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A mini asparagus biscuit that is impregnated with chocolate using Ginbis' original impregnation method. 

  • Asparagus chocolate is now newly launched in a mini size!
  • This is a chocolate confectionery that looks like an asparagus.
  • You can enjoy the crisp texture of the biscuit and sweetness of the chocolate at the same time.
  • As the chocolate soaks into the inside, the texture of the asparagus biscuits and the melting of the chocolate in the mouth spread at the same time. 
  • In consideration of health, eggs are not used and calcium is added.

  • Wheat flour (domestic production), sugar, vegetable fats and oils, cocoa mass, shortening, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, grape sugar, converted sugar honey, powdered soy sauce (including soybeans), salt, sesame oil, yeast, sesame / emulsifier, swelling agent, carbonic acid Ca, fragrance (derived from chicken)

★ Happy nutrients ★
→ It is a nutritional functional food (calcium) that is a health functional food.

Made in Japan