FUMAKILLA Insect repellant [PREMIUM]
FUMAKILLA Insect repellant [PREMIUM]
FUMAKILLA Insect repellant [PREMIUM]
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FUMAKILLA Insect repellant [PREMIUM]

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Fumakilla Skin Vape is one of the most popular mosquito repellents in Japan.

Formulated with 15% active ingredients.
The insect repellent effect lasts 6 to 8 hours.
Can be used by both children and adults.
Can be used over clothing.
Effective against dust mites.
Unscented type that does not retain odors.

Precautions for use

<What not to do>
●Do not use on areas with weak skin, such as around the eyes and mouth, mucous membranes and wounds. If accidentally splashed, wash well with water immediately.
●Avoid contact with eyes, drinking, licking, or inhaling, and do not rub eyes with applied hands.
●Should this get in your eyes, immediately rinse well with plenty of water or lukewarm water. In addition, if symptoms such as feeling unwell appear, immediately inform the doctor that this drug contains ethanol and icaridin and seek medical attention.
<Other Precautions>
●Strictly follow the prescribed usage and dosage.
●Avoid careless use, use only when necessary, such as outdoors where there are many mosquitoes and black flies.
●Do not replace with other containers. It may cause misuse or change the quality.
●For infants, first-time users, and people with sensitive skin, spray a small amount on the inside of the upper arm, etc., and check that there are no abnormalities before using.
●The repellent effect of this product lasts for about 6 to 8 hours after one use.
● After spraying or applying this product, use this product again as appropriate based on the elapsed time and the user's sweating during use.
●When using on children, parents should be careful not to inhale the spray, or apply to children after spraying on their hands.
● Do not apply to children's hands (because they may rub or lick their eyes).
● Food and drink, tableware, toys, feed, ornamental fish, pets such as small birds, precious metals, stockings, products using polyurethane, leather products, fur, furniture, painted surfaces, flooring, plastic products, etc.
●Be careful not to apply directly to decorated nails such as manicures and gel nails.
●Should any abnormalities appear on your skin, discontinue use immediately.
●For use other than Yamabiru, spray not only on the skin but also on clothing (such as the hem of shirts and pants), footwear, and the skin inside them as needed. When spraying on clothes, it may cause spots, wrinkles, deterioration, etc. depending on the type of fiber, so use it after confirming that there is no effect in an inconspicuous place. Also, wash the clothes using this agent.

<Precautions for storage and handling>
●Keep out of reach of children in a cool place, away from fire and direct sunlight.

Raw materials/ingredients

Icaridine, Ethanol, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Purified Water, Perfume
Recommended for babies 6 months and above
Approximately: 666 pushes

【NET WEIGHT】 200ml