EDISON MAMA Oyasai Dinako

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Even if you don't like vegetables, you'll gobble them down!

A mix of 8 kinds of vegetable powder with your child's favorite kinako. 
It's also rich in protein and iron, and is a savior for weaning food that balances everything!
Just mix or sprinkle it on to create your own arrangement.
The ingredients are only soybeans from Hokkaido and domestic vegetables, so you can eat it with peace of mind.

We are particular about domestic ingredients⇒The
main ingredient, soybeans, is from Hokkaido, and the 8 kinds of vegetable powder are also domestic ingredients.
(Pumpkin, carrot, komatsuna, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, asparagus, young barley leaves, celery)
It is also made with safe ingredients that do not contain the 7 major allergens.

[Product Features]
■Natural sweetness
⇒ The bitterness peculiar to vegetables has been adjusted with pumpkin to make it easier to eat.
No sugar is used, so you can feel the natural sweetness of the ingredients.
It has a taste that is easy to eat even for children who don't like vegetables.

■Plus it's full of nutrition
⇒ It contains plenty of protein and iron, and also contains calcium.
Add it to your usual baby food to balance the nutrition.

■Free to arrange
⇒ Just mix or pour it on to create your child's favorite kinako flavor. It
can be made to suit various menus such as porridge, oyaki, and yogurt.
*Recipe collection is also available!

<Main ingredients> Soybeans (from Hokkaido) "Not genetically modified" / Pumpkin powder, carrot powder, komatsuna powder, Chinese cabbage powder,
cabbage powder, asparagus powder, barley leaf powder, celery powder