PIGEON Ice cream snack [Apple & Carrots]
PIGEON Ice cream snack [Apple & Carrots]
PIGEON Ice cream snack [Apple & Carrots]
PIGEON Ice cream snack [Apple & Carrots]

PIGEON Ice cream snack [Apple & Carrots]

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Have fun with your kids in creating such a healthy dessert.
  • Contents: 3 servings x 2 bags
  • Ingredients: Foods made mainly from milk, sugars (sugar, corn syrup), vegetable oils and fats, apple juice powder, carrot powder / emulsifier, sodium caseinate, unbaked calcium, fragrance, carotene pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E)

(1) Please separate the attached tray. 

(2) Put 1 bag of ice cream and 30 ml of milk (or infant formula) (2 tablespoons of measuring spoon) in a small bowl at home. (Approximate size of the vessel: diameter 7 cm x depth 5 cm or more)
* When making with infant formula, make it according to the instructions on the milk (how to dissolve the milk) and allow it to cool to the extent of human skin before use. 
* Put it in a measuring spoon (15 ml) until it is raised to the extent that it does not spill. 

(3) Mix with a spoon for about 1 minute (about 120 to 130 times) in a circular motion. It is OK even if there is some powder or lumps. * Stir with a whisk until the corners are formed (whistling time is about 2 to 3 minutes) to make it more delicious. 

(4) Put "(3)" evenly in the tray cut out in "(1)". 

5) Wrap it in plastic wrap and chill it in the freezer for at least 3 hours. * Wrap the plastic wrap so that there are no gaps. 
* Freezing time may vary depending on the freezer model. [How to take out ice cream]

(1) Insert a spoon between the edge of the tray and the ice cream, and remove the ice cream from the tray. 
(2) Turn the tray upside down and push it out into the container. 
(3) Wrap the rest again and store it in the freezer immediately.